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Clínica Fisiomed
Fisiomed Clinic
PT-Surgery in Madrid
Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic surgery
Advances in medicine improve our lifespan and quality of life. As time progresses, we get more concerned about the toll on our body, and how to make up or eliminate certain defects with the aim of obtaining a superior look to help increase our self confidence and for our own personal satisfaction.
Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy
We use the most innovating advanced methods and techniques for the benefit of our patients. Our Physical Therapist will attend you with the best personalized treatment.
Ophthalmology is a medical speciality related to ocular physiology and anatomy, as well as eye illnesses and injuries and their treatment.
Our professional podiatrist is called Yanet Donaire. With over 8 years experience, she will help you with your podiatry requirements so that you improve every day until you can walk better and further.
Traffic unit
In FISIOMED, the victim is assessed by a medical specialist of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery, carrying out the necessary tests, medical and physiotherapy treatments until full recovery.
Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology
Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology is one of the most demanded medical specialities by patients, as it includes not only the treatment for broken bones and ligament injuries, but also degenerative processes (arthrosis), inflammatory diseases (arthritis), deformities and malformations, tumours, etc.
Pain unit
Our medical company has created a Human and Scientific Multidisciplinary service to offer a warranty for pain control. We all take part. It is a doctor-patient relationship based on mutual trust and respect, with free flow of communication and understanding.
Psychology & Coaching
Our Clinical Psychology unit will help you to restore the psychological balance. As well, we include exclusively a new service for Family Mediation and Assistance for Gender & Domestic-Based Violence.
Neurology is a medical speciality for diagnosis and treatment of nervous system organic based diseases in adults.
Family Medicine - Nutrition
As a result of a lack of exercise and poor eating habits, the number of people classified as obese in the world has multiplied by 5 in the last 40 years. We offer diagnosis and Pronokal Group-based medical treatments, in close collaboration with Bellón Medical Center (Madrid)
Especialistas en salud

Your Health Specialists

Using the latest modern equipment and techniques, we employ qualified healthcare professionals to offer you an outstanding healthcare service in the university city of Salamanca, Spain.

Ever since 1993, our objective is to offer you the best care possible with personalized treatments and attention.

We offer healthcare services in Physical Therapy, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Podiatry, Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Ophthalmology, Pain Management Unit-Anaesthesiology-4D3D Ultrasonography, Traffic Injuries Unit, Family Medicine-Nutrition, Neurology and Psychology & Coaching (Clinical Psychology, Family Mediation, Assistance for Gender & Domestic-Based Violence). You can make your appointment during the week at your earliest convenience, in order to receive the care you deserve.

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